Dr. Randy Staples

Fitz is joined by Dr. Randy Staples from Jackson, Tennessee. Dr. Staples talks about how mini dental implants has re-invigorated his life, career, and his patients.

Dr. Eric Compton and Dr. Mark Broomhead

Dr. Eric Compton and Dr. Mark Broomhead from Munster, Indiana check in with Fitz to discuss all things mini dental implants and how it has changed their lives and the lives of their patients.

Dr. Larry Stroud

Dr. Larry Stroud from Louisville, Kentucky joins Fitz in Walt Disney World to discuss his indirect path to the very lucrative field of mini dental implant dentistry.

Dr. Joe Gillespie

Operating out of Charleston, South Carolina, Dr. Gillespie talks about his early life and career as well as where he thinks the mini implant industry is headed.

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