Dr. Eric Compton and Dr. Mark Broomhead

Dr. Eric Compton and Dr. Mark Broomhead from Munster, Indiana check in with Fitz to discuss all things mini dental implants and how it has changed their lives and the lives of their patients.

Dr. Eric Compton reflects on the early days of mini implant dentistry and how it used to be a traumatic experience for patients and how times have changed over the years. Dr. Compton goes on to talk about learning from Dr. Shatkin later on a technique that allowed for an implant, as well as a tooth, to be placed in just one visit.

Dr. Compton’s partner, Dr. Broomhead talks about teaming up with Eric and how he urged him to go beyond his comfort zone when it came to mini implants and to seek out further education from a Shatkin course in Buffalo, NY. It was Dr. Broomhead’s task to grow the practice, and after meeting with Dr. Todd Shatkin, he knew the next step was to become an MDICA and become more aggressive with mini dental implants.

“I drank some of the mini dental implant Kool-Aid and the rest is history”

Dr. Compton and Dr. Broomhead continue their conversation with Fitz with recent news of further expansion of their office locations as well as touching on the differences between lecturing at a Buffalo course vs. an introductory course. The docs also discuss some of the differences between mini implants and standard implants, as well as their 5-year plan moving forward, and how the world of dentistry will evolve in the near future.