Operating out of Charleston, South Carolina, Dr. Gillespie talks about his early life and career as well as where he thinks the mini implant industry is headed.

Dr. Joe Gillespie joins us from Charleston, South Carolina to discuss his early life as an army brat and son of a dentist and how that molded him into the mini implantologist he is today. Dr. Gillespie also reflects on how his grandfather’s life was changed after getting dental implants – something that ultimately guided him in the direction of dentistry and into his father’s footsteps. Dr. Joe further explains how it didn’t take long to realize all the benefits of mini implants and how he is proud to sing their praises.

“The minis just made more sense to me, and we have taken that flag and flown it over our head and disrupted the status quo.”

Dr. Gillespie goes on to talk about how the mini implant technology brought the Gillespie and Shatkin families together and cemented their legacies as experts in the field. He also explains how mini implant technology helps an older demographic that historically has been underserved. Dr. Gillespie and Fitz also touch on some of the ups and downs of financing, as well as some scheduled upcoming courses for dentists eager to learn more.