Dr. Larry Stroud from Louisville, Kentucky joins Fitz in Walt Disney World to discuss his indirect path to the very lucrative field of mini dental implant dentistry.

Fitz is joined by Dr. Larry Stroud in the “happiest place on Earth” as they discuss Dr. Stroud’s journey to becoming one of the most successful MDICA’S in the country. The University of Kentucky alum quips about the “psychedelic 70’s” and getting into dental school without a degree or any family connections in the industry and how it ultimately changed his life, as well as the life of his future patients.

After doing general dentistry for 25+ years, Dr. Stroud tells us the story of how while searching out more knowledge of mini dental implants, he was recommended to shadow Dr. Todd Shatkin. After spending just one weekend in Buffalo in 2005, Dr. Stroud recalls feeling invigorated by how lucrative and life-changing mini implant procedures were. Ever since then is when Dr. Stroud says he went “all in” on minis.

“I just decided pretty early I was going to jump in and become this Mini Dental Implant Center, quit doing general dentistry, and just go for it.”

Fitz and Dr. Stroud also take a deep dive into how imperative marketing is to the ultimate success or failure of a mini implant center. Dr. Stroud goes on to say how “becoming the expert” in his area has been a core factor in driving his practice to new levels. The two also discuss Dr. Stroud’s advice to new dentists entering the field.